Search Engine Marketing

The Brandcrunch team are experts in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is typically seen in most digital acquisition strategies. SEM or Paid Search is the paid inclusion of your website into a search engines listing or placements on a website that is affiliated with an ad exchange network such as Google Adsense.

What differentiates us to the other digital marketing agencies is our unique ability to understand your business, industry and the products and services that you are passionate about. We apply our extensive knowledge to develop and implement a customised SEM campaign that leverages your ongoing digital strategy as well as analytics, data science and industry best-practice.

Brandcrunch can conduct an SEM audit on an existing campaign or help develop and execute a new acquisition campaign through search, programmatic, remarketing or display advertising.

We are expert search engine marketers who can partner with your business and will help your marketing team to develop, drive and implement an optimised digital strategy. We have over ten years experience in digital marketing and have extensive skills in deploying SEM campaigns, especially Google Adwords, with a focus on relevance and return on investment.

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