Digital Marketing

Brandcrunch are a digital agency that can help design, deploy, and manage your brands digital marketing.


The design phase is the process of exploring your customer through techniques such as data science, marketing mix analysis, attribution modelling and audience segmentation. Once Brandcrunch can identify actionable insights that could provide return on investment (ROI), Brandcrunch will use the findings to design a customised digital marketing strategy unique for your business.


The deploy phase is the process of implementing your digital marketing strategy to the digital channels defined in the design phase. These channels can include search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, display, retargeting, programmatic and content marketing.


The manage phase deals with the ongoing management and optimisation of your digital marketing strategy. No matter whether we manage your entire digital strategy or just a single digital channel, Brandcrunch always ensures the correct data is collected and it is provided in actionable reports for you and your key stakeholders. This phase also includes split testing (A/B), benchmarking competitors and continual reassessment.