Social Media Marketing the Positives and Negatives


From Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn to Youtube, the vast majority of us are aboard the social media ship that’s taking the digital revolution by storm. Many of us are familiar with posting a witty tweet, uploading an “aesthetic” Instagram photo or just procrastinating through an endless Facebook news feed. But the corporate side of social involves far more effort than simply selecting the nicest filter for your latest Instagram post.

Social Media Technology and Data

As technology advances, our data collection and analysis rapidly improves as we approach an era where we no longer search for information but the information we seek searches for us.  As a result, it is important for businesses to stay ahead of this in order to remain competitive in such a dynamic environment. With a predicted 2.55 billion social network users by 2018 (Statista 2016), the internet can provide an excellent channel for reaching your business’ target market. This statistic means that as a business, it is becoming increasingly important to create and maintain effective social media practices.

However, while the tool comes with a huge potential influence, it is crucial to analyse both the positive and negative effects of social media.   It is a platform that you need to dedicate the required time and effort to optimise it’s marketing performance. Undeniably, as the value of marketing social is rapidly increasing, the countless positive effects are not something that should be overlooked. As a two-way platform, social media enables companies to join the conversation and get engaged with consumers.


This opportunity allows companies to share information, develop relationships with consumers, gain market insight, address negative responses and transform attitudes. This consumer involvement presents many potential opportunities for companies including the chance for co-creation as companies have the ability to harvest consumer-generated content. Additionally, the consistent maintenance of a well respected social media presence develops a higher brand authority and credibility in the eyes of consumers. Presenting a responsive and trustworthy online source for consumers to be exposed to provides an opportunity for companies to improve brand awareness and attitude.

Another positive effect is the ability for businesses generate more inbound traffic to company websites through various platforms. These profiles increase backlinks to your site and helps consumers find your site by improving your search engine optimisation (SEO). However, despite all these positives, it is crucial to realise and consider the negative effects of social media marketing. With current rapid technological advances, comes the need for security advances. Businesses with digital presence become susceptible to threats such as viruses, hacking and brand hijacking.

Privacy in Online Media

It is important that businesses implement privacy and security procedures to minimise these risks. Additionally, the nature of online and social media, and its freedom of opinion, means that businesses relinquish control and disgruntled individuals have the potential to inflict a lot more damage. If an influential blogger or vocal minority of consumers have a problem with any aspect your business, social media can spread these damaging responses and create a negative brand image. It is important that companies thoroughly consider the content they’re posting and the brand personality that they are contributing to.

There are countless cases in the media where companies are being criticised and sometimes even facing legal repercussions for inappropriate, misleading or insensitive content. Ultimately, social media marketing takes time, effort and dedication but it something that is crucial in order for companies to remain competitive in today’s market. It is important that companies develop an effective strategy that aligns with their existing branding and integrated marketing strategy. As a highly dynamic medium, it is essential that digital marketing strategies are constantly evaluated and updated to maintain competitive advantage and stay ahead.

Here at Brandcrunch, we’re here to get to know you, your brand and company goals. We aspire to optimise your social media marketing and guide your business in creating and maintaining a seamless social media presence, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.


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