What is data science? A quick guide

What is data science
What is data science

Data science has been called one of the sexiest job industries of the 21st century. And as you may have guessed, here at Brandcrunch all of our team have some exposure to data science in our day to day jobs. So should that make us…? Probably! In fact some of us here are even full-time data scientists. Which really helps us do all that data crunching and modelling that goes into your analytics reports.

What is a data scientist?

On a serious note though, we get asked quite often “What is data science?”. Well to answer that we should first answer “what is a data scientist?”. It’s pretty simple, a data scientist uses the mix of programming skills, maths and statistics and what is commonly referred to as domain (or industry) knowledge.

A lot of people suggest that data science is what data scientists do and yes that’s right but we also believe it’s wrong as well. How? Well we’re not saying that data scientists don’t do data science really well because let’s face it, they do! (p.s that’s their job title don’t forget).

What we suggest is that everybody does data science in some shape or form. You don’t have to use Python, R Studio, Tableau, regression models and random forests. Instead you may only be using Excel, an old book on statistics and a calculator app to figure out a problem with your data.

We all do Data Science?

Brandcrunch really believe that data science is the day to day job that’s done when somebody takes data, defines a problem and then uses some type of program (like excel) with maths and statistics skills to discover an answer.

The final piece of data science is done through storytelling. By diagnosing the problem and visualising your findings clearly and succinctly, decision makers in your organisations will be guided along the journey through your story-telling.

So in summary of course you don’t need to be a data scientist to do basic data science and there are plenty of resources out there.

Remember if you ever need help with anything related to data science our team at Brandcrunch can help. Simply contact us for more information.


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